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FC is the acronym for Food Contact

MEGALINEAR FC is the new belt from Megadyne for the food processing industry, made with food contact approved materials according to EU 1935/2004 standard and further update EU 10/2011; tested to NSF/ANSI/3A 14159-3 (2018), accepted and approved by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).
Due to their good chemical resistance and to the certified compounds for humid and dry food contact, this  belt is particularly recommended for food processing and packaging applications.


MEGALINEAR FC (Food Contact) is a range of belts specifically introduced for the food processing industry. MEGALINEAR FC is manufactured with Food Contact approved materials, according to FDA and European regulations EU 1935/2004, EU 10/2011, EU 174/2015. Manufactured in T5/T10 pitch without gap between the teeth and available with a variety of backing profiles, for all kinds of conveying and processing applications. These advanced FDA synchronous belts have excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion, certified for wet and dry food contact. Their use is particularly prevalent in a variety of applications in food processing and packaging. The homogenous belt design ensures a significantly greater service life, with a high level of hygienic integrity.

Componentes principais

01 / BODY
The body of the belt is dark  blue thermoset polyurethane 85 ShA.; no gap between teeth on drive side.

02 / CORD
The cord is in Kevlar: max. 50 cords in a 150 mm wide product.

Características técnico-mecânicas


  • Special detectable dark blue polyurethane compound.
  • Standard cords: S and Z torsion Kevlar for Megalinear FC; Stainless steel for Megaflex FCM and Megalinear FCM.
  • Standard splice method by finger splice.
  • Manufactured in T5/T10 pitch without a gap between the teeth and available with a variety of backing profiles.
  • Customizable with cleats, made of the same detectable thermoplastic compound and applied by welding.
  • No risk of slippage, even in greasy and humid environments.
  • Zero risk of fraying and detaching of back profile.
  • Used even at the smallest bending diameter, with small drive pulleys.
  • MEGALINEAR FC belt working temperature  -25°C/+80°C.

Principais indústrias de aplicações



Smooth (SMT)


Longitudinal Ribbed (LTR)


Transversal Ribbed (TVR)


Noppen Oval (NPO)


Roof (ROF)


Spike Small (SPS)


Spike Large (SPL)


Truncated Pyramid 5 (TPC05)


Truncated Pyramid 10 (TPC10)


Truncated Cone (TCC)


Lamella (LAM)

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