MEGASYNC™ Silver3 offers a higher power rating of over 20% when compared to the former Silver and Silver2 belt range and a wealth of improved properties at the same price. With the RPC tooth profile, the new Silver3 gives full functional interchangeability with other deep profile systems. The existing RPP or Silver and Silver2 systems can be upgraded without replacing the pulleys. In addition, due to improved performance, the more compact dimension optimises space utilisation and cost for all new drive systems.

The third generation of RPC Silver is made with materials of the highest quality and strength. Employing innovative manufacturing processes and techniques, the homogeneous construction of all components and a higher cohesive bond impart superior torque capacity, thus positioning Silver3 at a high-performance level.


Megadyne MEGASYNC™ Silver3 belts have been developed to give a more powerful alternative to MEGASYNC™ RPP belts. Competing against high-performance transmission systems, using chains and gears, that always have disadvantages in terms of weight, noise, lubrication and maintenance costs.

Due to the greater power they can transmit, MEGASYNC™ Silver3 can be used to improve and easily upgrade existing drives working with MEGASYNC™. Interchangeability is the key factor to a flexible approach when upgrading with MEGASYNC™ Silver.

Silver3 offers a wealth of improved properties and is distinguished by its increased power capacity. Silver3 is particularly recommended for efficient and compact drives which experience high starting torques and allow the design more flexibility due to the following advantages:

  1. Increase of power load capacity of over 20%, compared to the previous Silver2; consequently more compact and lightweight drives are possible under the same power rating.
  2. Break the equation “More Performance”=“More Cost”, as Silver3 retains the same selling price as the previous Silver2 generation, while offering a consistent improvement in performance.
  3. Allows the existing RPP and Silver2 systems to be upgraded without the necessity to replace the pulleys; thus extending the service life of existing drives at zero-cost. Silver3 belts are available in 5M, 8M and 14M pitches, with the same range of lengths as the previous Silver generation. Each type is available both in sleeves and single belts, maintaining the same basic dimensions and widths.
  4. MEGASYNC™ Silver3 belts have an RPC profile, designed to be interchangeable with existing deep grove profiles and run on pulleys according to ISO 13050.
  5. MEGASYNC™ Silver3 5M, 8M and 14M belts are antistatic according to ISO 9563.

Composants principaux

01 / BODY

The body is made from fiber-loaded nitrile.

02 / CORD

Fiberglass cords.

03 / COVER

Nylon Fabric: self-lubricating, low friction, extended life. 

Timing belts Rubber endless Isoran SILVER

Caractéristiques techniques et mécaniques

  • Tooth Pitch Code: SLV3 5M, SLV3 8M and SLV3 14M.
    RPC tooth profile, known for its low-noise characteristics.
    Cord: Increased load capacity over previous Silver/Silver2 construction.
    Tooth Cover: graphite impregnated fabric coated with a film provides low friction and durability.
    Upgrades drive capacity with existing sprockets.
    Antistatic properties: conforms to ISO 9563 (BS 2050) standard.
    Operating temperatures: -25 °C up to +80 °C (Max peak: 100 °C).
    Available in any width.
    On demand: SLV3 8M DD and SLV3 14M DD (Dual-Sided).


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