Megadyne Rollpower™

Drive Your Business with High Efficiency, Flexibility & Reliability!

Todays logistics facilities are being challenged to run faster and for longer hours before planned maintenance.
Megadyne can help extend belt life.
We are pleased to introduce Megadyne Rollpower™ the new elastic ribbed rubber belt designed to outperform other belt types
found on roller conveyors used in warehousing and manufacturing environments. Typical areas of use include receiving lines, order
picking, sortation, transfers, diverters.


High Efficiency

• Stable tension over time
• Smooth, reliable and quiet running
• Long life expectancy

Cost saving

• Long belt life due to superior wear and abrasion resistance,
good aging resistance
• Fast and easy installation
• Able to run 50 rollers together

Less Maintenance

• Easy to install on fixed centers
• Fast and easy replacement
• Reduce line downtime

Energy Saving

• No need of idlers / tensioner (transmission weight reduction)
• No slippage thanks to precision rib design, and accumulated
sidewall friction

Flexibility & High Performance

• Excellent grip
• Speed up to 3 m/s
• Fully loaded stops and starts
• Improved load capacity by increasing the number of ribs


BELT BODY: EPDM compound; 2-3-4 ribs; other options on request TENSILE CORDS: Elastic high-strength low-stretch Polyamide cords PITCH: PJ ANTISTATIC (ISO 1813): Prevents accumulation of dust and dissipates electrostatic charges WORKING TEMPERATURE: -40/+120°C

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