Benefits and Applications of PPJ Belts

Megadyne’s progressive pin joint (PPJ) system is a proprietary process which uses precisely bored pin holes for the secure placement of conveyor joining pins. With the PPJ system, there is no need to use metal fasteners, nor is it necessary to change the pulley size. Once the ends of the conveyor belt are wrapped around the pulleys, the fingers are aligned, and the pins are inserted.

The PPJ system is specially designed for conveying applications, and can operate at maximum suggested speeds of 120 m/min. The underside of the belts is flat, reducing friction and drag during operation. Rolls with a variety of surface finishes are suitable for conversion to PPJ systems. These include surfaces coated with NFT, NFB, AVAFC, APL, Fishbone, and Supergrip.

The durable pins are constructed from stainless steel in accordance with the AISI 302 specifications and can connect multiple parallel belts with a minimum splice length of 700mm. However, PPJ systems should only be considered if the load carrying capacity is less than that of comparable standard belt systems.


Conveyor belt replacement is usually an inconvenient operation. The process involves halting production, which can result in significant downtime, decreased production, and lost profits. When used with select Megalinear belts, PPJ systems allow for quick and easy belt replacement and installation.

The installation of the PPJ system is relatively straightforward when compared to conventional conveyor belts. The fingers of the individual belts are simply aligned, and the pins are slid into place to secure the system. The precise and secure pin placement prevents drift in all directions across the belt width.


PPJ belt joining systems are ideal for applications where the replacement of conveyor belts can lead to excessive downtimes and adverse financial impact. The food and beverage and packaging industry are typical examples of industries where replacement of conveyor belts can have significant cost implications.

Though there are numerous situations well-suited to this system, it is recommended that the conveyed load is spread evenly across all belts for optimal efficiency. Some industries which can benefit from the use of PPJs include:

  • Food and beverage
  • Garment Manufacturing
  • Entertainment
  • Packaging and labeling

The PPJ System From Megadyne

Megadyne’s PPJ system aims to address the shortcomings associated with the installation and replacement of conventional belts. This versatile system offers a host of other benefits that can help save customers time and money. To learn more about the technical features and specifications of Megadyne’s PPJ system, download our free product guide. For more information on our other products and services, contact our support team today.

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