MEGASYNC™ Gold has been developed to provide a more powerful version of RPP and Silver belts. It is suitable for a very wide range of applications in power transmission. This type of belt combines the advantages of gears and Poly-V belts, minimizing the drawbacks of both.

MEGASYNC™ Gold belts feature the RPP profile, designed also to be interchangeable with existing deep groove profiles and to run on pulleys according to ISO 13050.


MEGASYNC™ Gold provides the same performance of chains and gears, without the disadvantage in terms of weight, noise, lubrication and maintenance costs.

MEGASYNC™ Gold allows to reduce width and dimensions of pulleys thanks to the higher power rating.

Main components

01/ BODY
The body is made of high quality rubber chloroprene compound, hardness 90 ShA.

02 / CORD
MEGASYNC™ Gold features a special high power K-glass cord.

03 / COVER
MEGASYNC™ Gold has two nylon plies on the teeth to improve belt wear resistance and to reduce friction levels.

Timing belts Rubber endless Isoran GOLD

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • constant and high angular speed
  • linear speed up to 30 m/sec
  • no lubrication
  • maintenance free
  • high efficiency
  • high resistance to peak loads
  • GOLD belts working temperature:  - 25°C/+80°C
  • MEGASYNC™ Gold belts are antistatic, according to BS 2050


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